Jack and I are so excited to have the opportunity to share with you what is happening in the holistic health field today. We have dedicated our lives to understanding the truth(aletheia) of life and helping ourselves and others to develop higher consciousness and our mission in life. The “Impossible Dream” has been our driving force–to dare to DREAM!

The Aletheia Foundation was founded by Jack in 1958 dedicated to holistic self-health education and research bringing forth the integration of body, brain, mind, and spirit. That by achieving health, joy and harmony, we and society are transformed. We provide resources and services through education, research, networking, and public advocacy. Our ultimate goal is to establish the Aletheia Holistic Liberal Arts University built in the form of the Tree of Life.

We are here to share holistic health and divine love realized!

In Divine Love Realized, Lois and Jack


I want to lay hold of rainbow’s end,
and track it upward over the bend
to where its magical colors blend.
In the sheen of the infinite sea
To always have faith in thee.

I want to see in the violet eyes
the mystic glory of sunset skies,
and share the ages’ stark surprise,
such health it then would be,
for always there for me to see.

I want to know whence truth is sown,
from what fair flower is beauty blown,
where justice build her royal throne.
For Universal sway
truth always is there to stay.

And who it is that lights the star,
the planets–Venus, Neptune, Mars.
Who Lifts the night’s strong prison bars,
let’s in the golden day,
be it so always, as it may.

I want to win my heart this world,
its every banner and flag unfurled.
As from the Creator’s hand it whirled
on its ageless quest,
for always to show its best.

Share the passion of human-kind,
the power of will and mind,
delve to life’s inmost realms to find,
their light and Love,
as is always and always in the above.
Jack Schwarz

Main Aletheia Website


  1. Love the poem. It is amazing.

  2. Jennifer · · Reply

    Lois….what a wonderful poem……Jennifer

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