April 26, Happy Birthday Jack!

Let us celebrate the birthing of Unity Consciousness and Divine Love Realized as Jack Schwarz so often spoke. The birth took place during the days of the Solstice, December 21-22, 2012. We are now in the Aquarian Age.

What does it mean to realize Divine Love?  To realize Divine is to know the principles of the universe, the main law, which is the law of God, the law of love.  Love is the law of God; you live that you may learn to love. What does it mean to love and what does the law stand for?  In the mineral and vegetable plane, love is the law of attraction.  In the animal and human world we add one more aspect, desire.  So, actually, we say that the law of love is attraction and desire. By desire, we mean the soul-urge to attain the total awareness of Divine Love.  When we speak of the law of love, the love is something very special.  It is not just a word, but a Divine Power.  The main purpose of our life is that we learn to love.  Jack would always say that love meant to him:  Life, Omnipresent, Victoriously, Expressed.  As we move into the 5th dimension the throat and thyroid become dominant.  How we express ourselves and the choice of my will verses thy will is major. Every day upon getting up in the morning, Jack would wonder how he could express this love victoriously.  No object, no part of his life, could be lacking love.  If it lacked love, it lacked life.  Every act has to have as a main ingredient–love.  Through this love we will raise our vibrations and draw from the cosmos those energies necessary for life.

With Unity Consciousness and Divine Love comes the end of the duality of life and dominance of some over others.  Equality of the sexes, classes and races will become prominent.  It is the end of the patriarchal system of the past 3,000 years.

With Much Divine Love and Light, Lois

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