May 31st and Divine Love

What a month “May,2013” has turned out to be!! Our awareness is expanding in many directions. More heart, intuition, and the balancing of linear and nonlinear or the right and left brain is all taking place. Time is accelerating and empowering our global spiritual growth whether we want it or not. Divine Love, Courage and Charity are more and more obvious every day.

We are in an evolutionary critical leap that inspires us to heal our bodies, transmute our emotions, clear our minds, and open our hearts and souls. The 5th Dimension is a frequency of Light that transcends separation and duality. Remember to meditate and to begin using the alpha/theta breathing of 4-8-8-4 to work with the 5th Dimensional energies. The 5th Dimension is a timeless frequency of God’s Light.

This is the beginning of the Aquarius Age! Do not forget the Elemental Kingdom and the Angelic Kingdom. They are providing powerful tools to assist us greatly in raising the frequency of our bodies.

“The hiding place of everyone’s God is the Heart…”

God Bless! In Divine Love and Light,
Lois A Scheller Schwarz

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