I decided to take a sabbatical
From being a saint,
I kind of miss my sinning and
Feel kind of faint.

I got rid of my halo
And carry my horns,
I don’t want to show them
Because I still fear the thorns.

I seem to be craving
To do something wrong,
T’is probably ’cause I am lonely
Ane desire to belong.

I found myself wandering
Alongside a brook,
And it did not seem to matter
Whick directin I took.

A voice was softly calling
And I looked around,
But I did not see an image
Heard only the sound

It was gently reciting
The voice of my heart,
I felt the pain rising
As sharp as a dart.

Startled by all this
I started to cry,
Suddenly understood,
If I was willing to go on living
I must also be willing to die.
To die out of my believing
In order to know.

My heart began it’s singing
And hushing the cry,
I do not need to keep walking
I am now ready to fly……
Jack Schwarz

Neutral thermal nature; sweet-and-sour flavor; moistens the lungs and increases the yin fluids: used for dry throat, thirst, asthma, and other lung conditions when there is fluid deficiency. Because of its high copper and cobalt content, it is commonly used to treat anemia.
High concentrations of copper and zinc are found in the pineal gland.

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  1. Remarkable poem!

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