So much is changing as we enter the Aquarian Age. The old patterns and human miscreations associated with the Piscean Age that we have endured, that of fear, duality and separation are obsolete. Humanity’s awakening is accelerating and shifting into Christ Consciousness through Divine Love Realized and Oneness. Remember you are a multidimensional Being of Light and you are functioning on many levels of consciousness simultaneously. Most of your challenges that you are experiencing are happening only in the densest frequencies of the 3rd-dimensional of the Piscean Age. (What I call below the waist or belt; and not from the Heart). You are now in the process of transcending and transmuting into the Light of the 5th-dimension where the thyroid, you site of expression will become very important.
May we always remember to come from our HEART, from Divine Love Realized with courage and charity! Happy, Joyful New Year with Divine Love Realized.
Lois and Jack


In the darkened sky, stars shining bright, Angels prepare to bring us light.
Announcing the birth of peace and love, Filling our hearts with faith from above.
To let us know, angels we too will be, Beaming, shining, radiant, for all to see.
Trumpets sounding within our soul, Giving us faith in becoming whole.
The message “awaken to truth,” let ignorance fall; By shining our light we respond to the call.
Breathing the spirit of life anew,
Angelic happiness for all, not just the few.
Rejoice now, you angels to be,
Let peace on earth be our spiritual decree.

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