Jack is on You Tube!

We have finally become aware of the Divine Feminine–our Mother God with the Path of Divine Love that Jack so strongly felt and knew. Our fear-based egos have been fighting to prevent us from remembering our Mother God! How can you separate Father God from Mother God?

It is a Cosmic Law that the call for assistance from the Beings of Light must come from the realm where the assistance is needed. Those of us embodied on Earth must ask for that divine intervention. The Beings of Light, angels and elementals are waiting to be asked. We have the ability to invoke assistance from them through each person’s Heart in Divine Love. Miracles are taking place with the awakening of Humanity.

Health Tip for Stress Elimination of Management!

A. Good Nutrition–for enhancing energy levels.

B. Relaxation.

C. Learning and experiencing your spiritual mission, always coming from your Heart and not your gut!

D. Maximizing the efficiency and blood oxygenation of your breathing-pelvic breathing.

E. Active Meditation–Jack always said, “24 hours a day.”

F. Constructive positive thinking and feeling–high voltage.

G. Listening to your body and mind–your feelings and knowing.

H. Increasing laughter, fun and joy in your life.

God Bless with Divine Love, Lois



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