Today it is 47 years that I joined Jack Schwarz and Aletheia Foundation. What an exciting time it has been.

When Jack was questioned why he immigrated from Holland in 1957 to the US, he would comment that in the middle of the word Jerusalem is USA. America is the new Jerusalem. I just came across that Madame Blavatsky predicted that the USA would become the advanced society of the 6th Dimension, the first to take place.

As the New Earth’s amazing transformation is taking place, Humanity’s awareness is shifting from a consciousness of separation and duality into the awakened Christ Consciousness of Oneness, Divine Love Realized, and Reverence for all Life. It is known as “The time of screaming and the gnashing teeth.”

Make sure you are always coming from your Heart and not your gut! “Am I coming from my Heart or my gut?” One leads to Oneness and the other to separation and fear!

In Divine Love Realized, Lois Schwarz

One comment

  1. I see this happening now. Many shed the tears of readiness. Some want to fight. Some want to fly away. But some offer their hearts with tears of joy.

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