We are happy to ring in the New Year of 2015 with a new vision for Aletheia’s growth, moving forward in the Light by leaps and bounds in Divine Love Realized.

The influx of Light during the Solstice on December 20-21, 2014 accelerated us into new levels of Christ Consciousness. Know that Your Light and Love are needed Now! 2015 will truly be an amazing year! Follow your passion. Dare to Dream Big in 2015.

What to become more aware of in 2015:
Begin to communicate with the nature spirits and angels on a daily basis.
Watch the Mars orbiter.
Watch for new forms of energy such as Hydrogen Cars. For over
30 years our Space shuttle was launched on hydrogen.
Watch for better communications with Cuba as Archangel Zadkiel
and Holy Amethyst have a retreat, the Temple of Purification, over the island of Cuba. It is an etheric retreat with the purpose to secure individual freedom with individual responsiblity.

In Divine Love and Many Hugs,
Lois Schwarz


Rejoice, people, this is the time,
To realize your being, to become sublime.
Throughout the world, the truth is revealed,
Through freedom of faith, the earth will be healed.
Freedom for spirit, body, and mind,
Uniting the world and people of all kinds.
The cause, the spirit, the fruit, this Trinity
Gave birth to all, assuring its true Divinity.
Bringing peace on earth with bliss,
Oh, what a time for joy this is.
With open heart and shining bright,
We give our pledge that in God we unite.

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