Hope and Divine Love

     “To live without hope is to cease to live,”  Dostoyevsky.

Joan Chittister wrote that the United States, I was told, was a land of immigrants, made strong and creative by immigrants, made a melting pot of ideas thanks to all the immigrants who came to work its land and build its buildings and staff its projects and mix its customs with our own. To most of them, the United States has been a land of new beginnings, of justice and equality and hope.


Only in the United States, in fact, is there a “Statue of Liberty,” (a Lady) the only national monument to immigrants, to hope, in the entire world. We ourselves have reason to hope that, however dark the world around us, our best angels will forever rise in us to show us the way beyond prejudice and fear to the height of human development.


Jack called the US the New Jerusalem, for the middle letters in Jerusalem are USA. Also every country is a part of the body. The US is the HEART! The truth is that openness is our best defense under threat. If hope is what we seek, it requires that we provide it for others.


May peace prevail on earth and may perfect balance be achieved in regard to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Coming from your Heart feel this balance! Feel the Truth blazing within the Divinity of your Heart.


We are in the midst of a Monumental Awakening that is taking place within the heart and mind of every man, woman, and child on Earth. This is true whether a person is consciously aware of it or not. Everyone’s Heart Flame is totally aware of this Awakening process. You have the ability to take charge of your life in powerful and life-transforming ways right now. Find your Power through living in the Heart with Divine Love Realized, activating Christ Consciousness and raising the vibration of the planet. Maintain the high vibrational frequencies of Joy, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Praise, and Compassion.

As Joseph Campbell famously stated, “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

Thank you for your continued love and support and caring.  Aletheia’s dreams of diving love realized and unity are coming true.

With much divine love’

Lois A. Scheller Schwarz

“I am done with the Past.

I am active AT THE PRESENT.

I look knowingly to the Future.”

Jack Schwarz

Lets link Heart to Heart!

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