We Are One, Purging Fear, Pain, and Separation

Today would have been Jack’s 93rd Birthday! He made his transformation on Thanksgiving of 2000 concerned with the feeling of fascism in the air, knowing that he could be of more help on the other side. And that is what he has been doing as many of you know.

“WE ARE ALL ONE IN DIVINE LOVE” is Jack Schwarz’ main message.

The Divine Plan for 2017 is for everything that conflicts with Peace and Abundance to be pushed to the surface, a purging process, so Awakening Humanity can transmute those mutations back into Light. Eternal peace is possible. Listen to your Heart and you will be guided to your part in this vitally Divine Plan. The Heavens are just waiting for you to ask for help in this matter. Take this next step. Go within your Heart to reveal the power to burst forth, to create endlessly and to realize that Divine Love is the Foundation of all creation. Let’s clear the way for the manifestation of Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for All Life, Abundance and Father/Mother God’s Eternal Peace on this New Earth.

The mind and emotions of every person are being purified and realigned with their highest Divine Potential.

The more you yield to the Divinity within you the more your subtle energy vibrations affect all creation from the purity of Light and Love that flows through you as a perfect instrument/being.

It is time to end the patriarchal society of polarization and separation. Our bodies are usually male or female, but our minds, emotions and souls are made up of feminine and masculine energies. We are now moving from the heart energy center(chakra)to the thyroid energy center(chakra), where we have the choice of I or Thou. Our Hearts must be open. I like to say, “Are you coming from your Heart or your gut?” A closed Heart is painful and maybe evil. Evil spelled backwards means live. An open Heart is the Love Nature of the Divine Feminine. Your left brain stands for Power of the Masculine Energy and is blue. The right brain stands for Divine Love of the Feminine Energy and is pink. Power electrically is contracting and Divine Love is reflective or extending out. Take the blue power and the pink love together with God’s wisdom makes the heart gold(not green). We need to balance our feminine and masculine energies coming from our Divine Heart.

The patriarchal system keeps the Heart closed and is very contractual. Women become second citizens. War is very contractual and was the downfall of Rome.

Hate is very contractual. The hatred of “other” is simply fear and lack of knowledge about what we hate. Don’t be afraid. Don’t hate what you don’t understand. Open your Heart. Don’t waste time hating. The spleen was formerly regarded as the seat of certain emotions such as hate, malice, spite, and bad temper. The spleen is a large, vascular, lymphatic organ in the upper left part of the abdominal cavity near the stomach.

The article on Jack in Wikipedia since 2007 was hacked in June of last year and deleted with no notification. They are impossible to contact! The article has been put in our website: http://www.holisticu.org.

Thank you for your continued love and support; for you are Aletheia’s Angels! Aletheia’s dreams of Divine Love Realized and Unity are coming true. The future dream of the Aletheia Holistic Liberal Arts University is possible as well as the Movie of Jack Schwarz!

With Much Divine Love, Greater Peace, Abundance, Harmony, and Balance,

Lois A. Scheller Schwarz


Avoid fried food, wheat, soy, and corn for better health.


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