What is the jewel? Finding the jewel as Jack saw it was Divine Love Realized, God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace. The best way to find the jewel in the molasses is to heat it up with more energy – physically, mentally and spiritually.

With the rare Eclipse Series, August 7-21, 2017, we are now in the Aquarian Age. Life will not be the same as the past of fear-based ego’s belief in lack and limitation with the obscene levels of greed and corruption. Transmuting poverty consciousness is a critical step in paving the way for peace and abundance as we are moving into the 5th Dimensional patterns of Divine Love. We are moving to the throat/thyroid energy center. This is where you have the choice of expressing yourself from myself or Thyself.

We are experiencing massive world changes. You can feel the energy in your sphere of awareness “heating up”.    The activity of God’s Light is building in momentum for years to come empowering you in your daily lives(because of who you are and why you are on Earth during this special time.) Our paraconscious mind is aware of the Divine Intent of sharing, reminding us that the time for us to fulfill our purpose and reason of being on Earth is Now!

What is occurring throughout the world during this Cosmic Moment is a intensified purging that is pushing Humanity’s miscreations to the surface that cannot be ignored. Purging is uncomfortable but it motivates us and the rest of Awakening Humanity into action. The Beings of Light want us to know this Truth because they are very aware of how difficult the challenges are that Humanity is facing on a daily basis.

God’s Light is pushing everything to the surface, “All that is hidden must now be revealed”. “This is the time of my new beginning.” Empower your Divine Potential to reveal the profound Truth of who you are as Daughters and Sons of God, our journey back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. The human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms on Mother Earth will be ready for the emergence into the inter-planetary civilization.

We have within us all of the knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage, and skill we need to complete the healing process. As we serve the Light and Love of God, we emanate that beauty to all by the presence of that inner awareness.

From the booklet “The Path of Action” Jack Schwarz continues: “We have wasted so much energy by trying to teach life to mold into our way . Life should teach us to mold ourselves toward life, the will of God. I would like to say this a thousand times over until it becomes impregnated into every fiber of our being.”……… be continued..

Thank you for your continued love and support; for you are Aletheia’s Angels!  Aletheia’s dreams of Divine Love Realized and Unity are coming true. NOW IS THE TIME for the Aletheia Holistic Liberal Arts University and the Movie of Jack Schwarz! Let’s start an endowment; I need your help.

With Much Divine Love, Greater Peace, Abundance, Harmony, and Balance,               Lois A. Scheller Schwarz

HEALTH TIP: The “heat” is causing us to react. It has to get hot enough sometimes for the reaction to occur, otherwise these ongoing problems might be much like low level noise. So now that it is so “hot” we are called into action. Many people are reacting with love and compassion, yet still holding their moral and ethical ground.

“You can bring light into darkness, but not darkness into light.”     Jack Schwarz


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