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Hope and Divine Love

     “To live without hope is to cease to live,”  Dostoyevsky. Joan Chittister wrote that the United States, I was told, was a land of immigrants, made strong and creative by immigrants, made a melting pot of ideas thanks to all the immigrants who came to work its land and build its buildings and staff […]


This was Jack’s favorite Holiday for the expression of Divine Love Realized. St. Valentine was a young priest who lived in Rome in the third century after the time of Jesus. Like many early Christians, Valentine was imprisoned for his faith and then martyred. His name was revered, and his Feast Day lovingly Kept on […]


We are happy to ring in the New Year of 2015 with a new vision for Aletheia’s growth, moving forward in the Light by leaps and bounds in Divine Love Realized. The influx of Light during the Solstice on December 20-21, 2014 accelerated us into new levels of Christ Consciousness. Know that Your Light and […]


Today it is 47 years that I joined Jack Schwarz and Aletheia Foundation. What an exciting time it has been. When Jack was questioned why he immigrated from Holland in 1957 to the US, he would comment that in the middle of the word Jerusalem is USA. America is the new Jerusalem. I just came […]

Jack is on You Tube!

We have finally become aware of the Divine Feminine–our Mother God with the Path of Divine Love that Jack so strongly felt and knew. Our fear-based egos have been fighting to prevent us from remembering our Mother God! How can you separate Father God from Mother God? It is a Cosmic Law that the call […]


So much is changing as we enter the Aquarian Age. The old patterns and human miscreations associated with the Piscean Age that we have endured, that of fear, duality and separation are obsolete. Humanity’s awakening is accelerating and shifting into Christ Consciousness through Divine Love Realized and Oneness. Remember you are a multidimensional Being of […]


A SAINT’S SABBATICAL I decided to take a sabbatical From being a saint, I kind of miss my sinning and Feel kind of faint. I got rid of my halo And carry my horns, I don’t want to show them Because I still fear the thorns. I seem to be craving To do something wrong, […]