So much is changing as we enter the Aquarian Age. The old patterns and human miscreations associated with the Piscean Age that we have endured, that of fear, duality and separation are obsolete. Humanity’s awakening is accelerating and shifting into Christ Consciousness through Divine Love Realized and Oneness. Remember you are a multidimensional Being of […]

A SAINT’S SABBATICAL I decided to take a sabbatical From being a saint, I kind of miss my sinning and Feel kind of faint. I got rid of my halo And carry my horns, I don’t want to show them Because I still fear the thorns. I seem to be craving To do something wrong, […]

What a month “May,2013” has turned out to be!! Our awareness is expanding in many directions. More heart, intuition, and the balancing of linear and nonlinear or the right and left brain is all taking place. Time is accelerating and empowering our global spiritual growth whether we want it or not. Divine Love, Courage and […]

Let us celebrate the birthing of Unity Consciousness and Divine Love Realized as Jack Schwarz so often spoke. The birth took place during the days of the Solstice, December 21-22, 2012. We are now in the Aquarian Age. What does it mean to realize Divine Love?  To realize Divine is to know the principles of […]

Thank you Cynthia Charat for your beautiful photograph taken in Thailand. Main Aletheia Website

Hi! Jack and I are so excited to have the opportunity to share with you what is happening in the holistic health field today. We have dedicated our lives to understanding the truth(aletheia) of life and helping ourselves and others to develop higher consciousness and our mission in life. The “Impossible Dream” has been our […]

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